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Quality Conformity & Bearing Capacity Certificate Service

1 Purpose

- Inspection and certification of conformity of construction works is independent activity, to evaluate and certify the works or items or parts of works are designed, and constructed in accordance with standards, technical standards and technical requirements applicable to the project.

2 Method of checking & certificate

a) Checking items have been constructed completely:

- Checking the quality of design, construction quality through works completion records and documents. In case of necessity, Polycons can perform verification and evaluation of project quality through experimentation, observation.

b) Checking the conformity of design quality of items that commence the construction:

- Check for compliance with the provisions of law on the capabilities of organizations and individuals to perform the survey, design, design review, the process compliance and inspection procedures for construction survey result report, appraisal, approval and acceptance of construction design documents;

- Check and evaluation the conformity of construction survey result report compared to survey standard and survey tasks;

- Check and evaluation the conformity of construction design compared to the design task and compared with standards, technical standards are applicable to the work;

- During the inspection, if there is doubt about the survey results and design quality, Polycons would suggest the Client and survey contractors to clarify design. In case of necessity, Polycons can carry out the check of survey results, check the certified design of works or parts of works;

c) Checking the Quality Conformity of Construction items:

- Checking the comply with all law regulations of qualification condition and quality management system of construction contractor, project management, project supervision; checking competence of the laboratory and related control company; checking the comply with all law regulations in construction supervision and inspection the construction quality;

- Checking in probabilistic the material quality, equipment, component used in the construction by reviewing the origins, quality certificates and test results, related quality controls;

- Checking in probabilistic the construction quality

- Witnessing the commissioning operation of construction, construction item; checking the conformity of inspection documents in compare with the design requirements;

- During the checking, in case of having some facts do not ensure the quality conformity, Polycons will suggest the Client or the Owner and the Contractors to clarify. If necessary, Polycons can suggest to make the control; test, control survey.

Establishment of the Report on work result

- After each checking, Polycons will issue a notification reporting the checking result to the Owner and relating participants.

- After the Contract signature, the Company in charge of the Quality Conformity Polycons will proceed a checking on all items from the beginning of the site until the Project hand-over.

- Site inspection will be done by status looking or with the help of equipments depending on the objects in question.

- Polycons will make a checking report, give his approval on the Quality Conformity of the Construction, and in the same time give out his recommendations on some issues relating to the Construction quality (If any) towards the Owner in order to find out a solution.

- Issuing of the Safety structure bearing Certificate and the Quality Conformity Certificate (If the Construction is satisfied in terms of structure bearing and quality conformity) before proceeding the Project acceptance and put in Service

4 Fee for quality conformity & bearing capacity certificate

- We will inform the exact fee after receiving information about the project size.

Some project for our quality conformity & bearing capacity certificate works:

1. Apartment Service Luxel

2. Internationnal Hospital Thanh Do - Hoa Lam Shangri La

3. The Garland

4. Mai Nguyen Building

5. Factory Beer Sai Gon - Ha Tinh