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Design Review and Estimation Costs Review

The role of design review (Design third party’s check)

-   Design review is an important step in the process of implementation of investment projects on construction of the state has very specific provisions in the Circular, the Decree and Laws concerning the construction quality management process in Vietnam.

-    Through practical experience in the field of design review consultant in Vietnam, we define the verification is done well will bring many benefits for managing and operating the project. They are:

  • Ensure quality of projects designed to overcome the errors can be the design consultant.
  • Investment cost savings
  • Increase the reliability of the design plan

The design of the verification

Under the provisions of the decrees 12/2009/ND dated 10/02/2009, the design verification should do the following:

  • Check the compatibility of the technical design of the basic design
  • Check the compatibility of the solution structures
  • Check compliance with regulations, building standards are applied
  • Assessing the safety of the works
  • Check the validity of the selection lines and technology equipment for work withtechnology needs
  • Check compliance with environmental regulations, fire fighting regulation

With many years experience in the civil and industry and a team of architects, engineers have worked through several projects, I believe will help investors overcome the problems do not fit the profile design, contributing to quality assurance project, the excess savings in the process of structural calculations.


Some pictures of the typical design verification:


1. Thanh Quang Thien Tu Pagoda

2. Ton Phuong Nam Factory

3. Factory Jabil Việt Nam

4. First Solar Viet Nam

5. International Hospital Thanh Do - Hoa Lam Shangri la

6. Showroom BMW

7. Dien Phuoc Long Apartments And Villas

8. Bien Hoa City Square Parcel C

9. Greenfeed VN Factory- Binh Dinh Branch