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Construction Quality Inspection

1 Purpose

- Helping Client to know existing quality of the building in oder to have good decision for renovation or changing the use of the building.


2 Method:

- Observing and describing dilapidation of the building.

- Surveying and making existing condition drawings of columns, beams and slabs of the building;

- Checking the concrete strength of the columns, slab by concrete testing gun.

- Checking the steel rebar arrangement by ultrasonic machine.

- Checking the deflection of the beam and slabs by leveler machine.

- Issue existing condition inspection report for the building with the suggestion for the solution.

3 Fee for inspection work

- We will inform the exact fee after receiving information about the project size.

Quality inspection for surrounding building:

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2. Office Building- Kian Joo Can Factory


3. Binh Tan Hospital


4. Block A - Nguyen Chi Thanh Brewery


5. Tan Da Court Building


6. Pizza Hut Delivery- Nguyen Tri Phuong


7. Dry Dock and Yead- X51 Factory


8. The Graland


9. Coaccola Vietnam Factory


10. AB Mauri Viet Nam Factory