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Construction Materials Testing

1 Purpose

- Helping Client, supervision consultant, design consultant and contractor to identify the technical and mechanical standard of construction material such as: Concrete, Rebar, Sand, Stone….

- Our Laboratory LAS-XD 1195 has been approved by Ministry of Construction to carry out the testing as follow:

· Technical and mechanical standards of Cement

· Technical and mechanical standards of concrete, rainforce concrete

· Testing of concrete and plaster aggregate

· Technical and mechanical standards of soil

· Testing of construction steel

· Testing of Asphalt Concrete

· Testing of Bitumen

· Other testing on Site

· Testing of construction plaster

· Testing of technical and mechanical standards of brick

· Testing of technical and mechanical standards of mineral powder

2 Tools & Equipments


Laboratory with various equipment


Rebar hydraulic pressure testing machine 200T

Concrete hydraulic pressure testing machine 100T

Concrete ultrasonic machine

Rebar loacator machine

Concrete test hammer

Concrete drilling machine

Electronic scale with accuracy of 0,01g

Displacement meter with accuracy of 0.01mm

Measurement equipment

Drying macine

Soil resistance machine


And some other equipment for the construction materials testing and construction quality inspection