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Role of Project Management

Helping Client to plan, monitor and control all aspects of the project and encourage all interested to participate in projects aimed at achieving the objectives of the project on time with cost, quality and time originally desired.

The contents of the project management

Management the plans (overall) project:

  • The goal, the feasibility of the project
  • The impact of positive and negative project (to social security, to enterprise, tocommunity, environment)
  • Project planning and implementation process for approval
  • Implement the design process
  • Bidding and selection of consultants, contractors etc. ...

Manage costs and resources

  • Financial resources for projects
  • Type of cost, time required, the value
  • The plan costs, working capital, interest etc. Time ...
  • * Financial Cost
  • - Financial resources for projects
  • - Type of cost, time required, the value
  • - The plan costs, working capital, interest etc. Time ...
  • * Other Costs
  • - HR, machinery
  • - Technology Information
  • - Partners support

Manage time and schedule

  • Organizational structure, management
  • Project management mechanism, salary, bonus and penalty
  • Progress in planning

Contract Management

  • Management methods and content of contract types (consulting, construction, equipment installation, after sales management etc ...)
  • To negotiate and sign contracts
  • The nature and circumstances occurring
  • Payment methods

Management of construction and installation:

  • Quality Management
  • Management of partial construction progress
  • To manage the volume of construction
  • Management of occupational safety
  • Environmental Impact Management

Risk Management

  • Analysis of sensitivity and potential risks
  • The break-even point, the factors that affect the breakeven
  • The expected value (profit) and understand the significance of this expectation
  • Make a list of options as a risk

Project Operational Management

  • Management methods
  • Management Structure
  • Operating costs, management
  • Warranty and maintenance
  • The new operational technology etc ... 
  • Management Plan (overall) project:

Picture some work has involved Project Management


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