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Supervision Consultant and Project Management

To ensure good quality for a building, out of selecting a design consultant well, a good contractor besides, we can not forget the role and importance of supervision consultants. Thus, the role of supervision consultants are:

  • Detect and handle the details of works that the contractor and investor does not clearly
  • Support for investors, designer and contractors to handle errors in the field.

The scope of the supervision consultancy will include the following services:

  • Monitoring the quality of construction
  • Monitoring methods of construction and occupational safety
  • Monitoring progress of work
  • Monitoring and testing the quality of used materials
  • Checking and confirm the construction quantity.
  • Acceptance of construction works in accordance with design and regulation
  • Verify As-built drawings.

Some pictures of the construction supervision consultants typically:

1. Sai Gon-Vinh Long Brewery Factory

2. Sai Gon - Ninh Thuan Brewery Factory

3. Greenfeed Factory-Hung Yen Branch

4. Coats Phong Phu Hung Yen Factory Branch

5. INLACCO Office Building